Don’t leave home without Semipermanent Brows

Don’t leave home without Semipermanent Brows

Rushing to draw your own brows in every morning can often result in this!!

.. It is super difficult to get a perspective when on your own face, balance and symmetry is near impossible.

The joy of semipermanent Brows is that time is taken to map and measure the correct size eyebrows for your face. The brow is tattooed on which now means you have that perfect shape to work around. Even when they fade you still have the basic template there to powder over.

…At Highbrow the highest quality pigments are used and retention is high often lasting between 1year to 18 months before a colour boost is required thanks to Permablend pigments.

Give yourself an extra ten minutes in bed and don’t leave the house with odd brows!

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