Do you have questions about Semi Permanent Makeup, LVL Lash Treatments, Dermaplaning, or Meso?

Don’t hesitate to contact Alex with any other questions or concerns..

Yes- no SPMU treatment will be carried out without a full consultation and patch test first. I test for any reaction to anaesthetic and pigments. This will be left on the skin for 24hrs. A reaction is unlikely but testing is mandatory. 

Brow procedures can take up to 3 hours to complete for optimal results so it is essential that clients account for this as none of my treatments can or will be rushed. 
The full procedure consists of completing consent forms- numbing- brow mapping- tattooing- aftercare education. 

Generally no, however this can depend on each individual.  Clients who suffer from thyroid conditions or going through the menstruation cycle can sometimes be a little more sensitive. The general feedback is that the procedure can feel a little scratchy in parts but nothing more than that. Clients have often fallen asleep during the tattooing!

The skin takes at least four weeks to heal before a retouch appointment can be carried out otherwise scarring can occur. The skin goes through different stages of healing which can be seen in the below example -stages of brow healing…

A full breakdown of aftercare advice along with healing balm will be provided on completion of the treatment. 

This is what most clients say to me on consultation! To answer this question please visit my blog 
“I may be from Liverpool but I don’t do a Scouse brow!”
Tattooed brows are bespoke to each individual client and can look at natural or as bold as you require. 

This is due to colour fastness and some pigments that are not “stable” will often fade leaving certain colour hues behind. 
However I use a brand of pigments by Tina Davies for Permablend and these are “stable” and highly concentrated pigments that not only have an amazing retention and longevity but will only ever fade to a lighter version of the original brow colour. 

With the majority of pigments on the market the answer is generally anywhere from 6- 12 months before you need a colour boost. However, due to the pigment quality I use, this is more likely to be anything from 18months to two years before you will require this. 
Colour boost procedures will be charged at half the price of the original brow treatment. 

Absolutely not. It is an extremely relaxing and enjoyable treatment.  The quality of blades and hand piece I use, means that clients are completely comfortable. For clients with dry skin, I apply an “Oilablam” product which ensures the blade glides over the skin without catching. 

No- this is impossible due to the fact that vellous hair is not fed by the blood supply and so will grow back the same consistency but over time will tend to reduce in growth. Any clients who have “terminal” facial hair (hair that is pigmented, generally on the chin or upper lip) may require this to be either plucked or waxed prior to Dermaplaning if it is a considerable amount as this will grow back stubbly. 

This is generally unlikely due to the fact that I provide a homecare kit for the client to use on their skin for 3/4 days after treatment ensuring the best possible products are being absorbed. If the client has severely clogged pores or is producing excess sebum (oil) a breakout may be possible as the dermaplaning process has simply given the oil an exit route to clear and unclog. This will reduce after a few days and regular dermaplaning and good skincare will eventually reduce or cease sebum production. 

No sooner than 6 weeks as it is essential the skin is given a good amount of time to heal and for dead skin to build up once again. 

A treatment whereby the natural lashes are lifted, lengthened and permed. Generally a cheaper and easier alternative to lash extensions. 

Lift – Volume- lengthen 

Anywhere between 6-10 weeks depending on external and hormonal factors. 

40 mins of pure relaxation!

Yes  to achieve optimal “wow” results!

Yes, often the best results are from shorter lashes. I have silicone shields to fit all lash sizes. 

No- you will experience light vibrations on the surface of the skin which is completely comfortable. 

No numbing is required as the needle cartridge only works the skin minimally leaving the skin pink and glowing. There is no blood shed. 

The process of causing the skin mild trauma by needling, forces the new cells to rise to the surface of the skin to heal. During the healing process, collagen and elastin are produced. Hyaluronic acid is worked into the skin during the needling process which deeply hydrates the new cells and enables a thorough healing to take place on the skin’s surface. 

Any redness will reduce or disappear after an hour. 

For optimal results one treatment is advised every week for four weeks. After this a month gap is required for full healing to take place. 
Alternatively one treatment on a monthly basis can be maintained. 

Yes absolutely, and needling combined with dermaplaning is the preferred treatment for a “Supercharged” facial experience and for the best results with skin concerns. 
Dermaplaning thoroughly prepares the skin ready for needling. The best results have been found from this combination treatment.

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