Let’s talk Rosacea

Let’s talk Rosacea

I have had a number of clients come to see me due to suddenly developing or suffering from Rosacea. Even to this day GPs are not aware of the actual cause of this skin condition and therefore there is no known cure, only ways to help manage it. Rosacea is a common condition and causes redness to the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin area. It sometimes can create lumps, and in extreme cases become very inflamed and aggressive in appearance.

Stress levels, high dairy diets, alcohol consumption and also alcohol in skincare can be a factor in the onset of Rosacea.

I recommend to my clients with this condition to research into a good Probiotic to increase Gut flora and also look into diet and alcohol consumption levels. Stress is one of the biggest factors but in this day and age, it can be one of the trickiest things to reduce. As usual, drinking more water is also a huge factor with any skin condition!

Often medication is prescribed to treat the symptoms but this can then cause other skin issues such as excessive dryness so this would be a last resort.

In terms of treatments to help and reduce redness, it is known that Dermaplaning and also skin needling are great. Dermaplaning removes dead skin, parasites and deeply exfoliates along with the needling which flushes the skin with hydration.

IPL laser can also be an option but this can be painful, costly and will still require maintenance.

During a Rosacea treatment I will use a Couperose anti redness serum which has arnica as an ingredient. This draws away blood from the surface of the skin to reduce the red appearance. I also use a soothing and calming mask followed by a barrier repair serum that again reduces redness but promotes a new skin barrier to renew.

Lastly, looking at your current skincare routine is key. Throw out those face wipes and any scented or alcohol based skincare as this will strip and harm the skin. Use a calming and lightweight moisturiser that won’t encourage excess sebum (oil) production and clog pores.

My clients receive a skincare home kit after all the advanced facial treatments. We can discuss further skincare ranges I recommend to treat different skin concerns including rosacea.

Thorough consultations are available to discuss your skin concern followed by a recommended initial treatment. Courses are also available to book.

Treatments are not possible however during aggressive flare ups and will need for the affected area to calm before I can go ahead.

Thanks for reading and for more info visit www.highbrowaesthetics.com

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