Lip Blush Tattooing- The Stages of Healing

Lip Blush Tattooing- The Stages of Healing

I often get asked questions about lip tattooing treatments and generally they are to do with healing.

“Will they be bruised?,”
“Will I get cold sores?”

So I thought I’d put a little healing diary together to show you the reality is not as extreme as some might think from this treatment. Everyone is different, but in general, swelling is common during the lip tattooing procedure. The client is fully numbed and so pain is minimal but as the lips are vascular and delicate, they do swell, some more than others but this subsided by the following day.


Immediately after and day 1/2- the pigment is at its darkest and most vibrant.

Day 3/4- scabbing begins. The key is to keep the lips as hydrated as possible and I will provide the best healing aftercare products to ensure that dabbing is kept to a minimum.

Day 5/6- scabs and dryness flame away revealing a much softer adore subtle pigment colour. Lip pigment can fade up 60% from the original colour so it is often worth opting for a darker shade knowing that it will fade considerably.

Day 7/8- superficial healing is complete and the results are more visible. Full cellular healing will continue however over the next three weeks. Therefore a retouch cannot be carried out for a least four weeks to prevent scarring…

Once the retouch treatment has been carried out, the lips will go through the same healing process all over again, only now, you are fully aware of what to expect.

This is a brilliant treatment to add back definition to the lip boarder and give a wash of colour to the lips meaning only a smother of Vaseline is needed day to day.

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Thanks for reading!

Alex xx


  • Franziska | Jan 20,2020

    thats really helpful.
    thank you for sharing because I was not sure about the healing process.
    franzi powder brows

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