The Brow Healing Process

The Brow Healing Process

Aftercare and healing is a crucial stage in achieving great results for your newly tattooed Brows.

At the end of the first procedure, you will be provided with a “Highbrow” aftercare pack which consists of sterile water, gauze, healing balm, instructions on how to look after your brows and a step by step guide of what to expect during the healing process.
During the tattooing procedure it can be common for lymphatic fluid to rise to the surface and sometimes spots of blood. It is therefore crucial that after leaving the clinic, care is given to lightly dabbing the brows to remove any fluid to minimise scabbing. The clients that pay attention to this stage will find that they see only light flaking around the area and never full crusty scabs. After three days the healing balm can be applied to hydrate and reduce any inching or irritation. This balm is courtesy of “Mybrowcare” and is 100% vegan made using yarrow root and olive wax. This will aid greatly with pigment retention and can also be used to heal any general cuts or used on dry skin.
It is normal for your new brows to fade back considerably before the retouch appointment and it is at this sitting where the brows are finished off and perfected.

So the point is, after my job of creating the brows has finished, your job then begins looking after and caring for the skin that has been injured and ensuring that the best possible pigment retention is achieved.

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