Trusting Your Technician

Trusting Your Technician

Client safety is of upmost importance when carrying out a semi permanent Makeup procedure. The breaking of skin is not taken lightly.
During my training, I completed a “Blood Bourne Pathogen” exam to gain a thorough understanding of cross contamination and how and why infections can be spread.
As every tattooing procedure can sometimes cause blood and Lymphatic fluid to rise to the surface, the technician carrying out the procedure should be fully qualified in knowing how to deal with this situation. This involves correct cleaning techniques, using appropriate personal protective equipment, correct clinical disposal of sharps and waste and also use of correct sterile equipment.
I am qualified to VTCT level 4 which is the highest qualification within the cosmetic tattooing industry and this took me over 9 months to become qualified. No one day training courses going on around here!

So why is this important to you? Well I want you to be fully confident that your safety needs are as paramount to me as getting a great end result. As well as receiving a medical consultation prior to treatment ensuring you are not at any risk and will get the most from the procedure; you can also rest assured that everything is in place to make your experience as safe and sterile as possible.

Know your technician and how qualified they actually are before investing in a cosmetic tattooing procedure.

Thanks for reading!
Alex x

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