Why every mum needs a “Mommy Makeover!”

Why every mum needs a “Mommy Makeover!”

Every new mum knows full well the feeling of exhaustion, sleep deprivation and frankly losing part of her identity. She is now known as “Mummy” and her baby’s needs comes first way before any of her own.

For the first few months this is great and a real novelty getting used to a beautiful new baby and enjoying precious time as a family.

However, as the months and possibly years roll by, it is so easy to consistently put her needs to feel good in her own skin on the back burner as if now spending money on beauty and small luxuries is not important.
And it isn’t important, until she wakes up one morning, exhausted, lacking in confidence and thinks… “I need to do something for me now!”

Self care is a massive part of inner confidence and a little can go a long way.

Highbrow Aesthetics can offer small inexpensive treatments such as a simple brow tint and tidy, or an LVL lash lift… to more permanent treatments such as brow microblading and eyeliner tattooing.

Although the latter treatments can seem more costly, the idea of waking in the morning with brows already in place or eyeliner on can be with their weight in gold in the long run!

The point is that any mum should feel no guilt investing in beauty treatments small or large. It is the investment in self care, inner confidence and feeling a little more human again that these treatments really give and this is healthy for both mum AND baby.

“Self care is the best care”
Highbrow Aesthetics

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